Ponnusamy Hotel


History of Ponnusamy

Ponnusamy Hotel was started in 1952 as a small mess, by Mr. A. R. Velupillai. It was an elite mess catering to a select few. After him passing away in 1989, Ponnusamy hotel by then a full-scale restaurant was taken over by his three sons Mr. V. Ganesan, Mr.V.Ponnusamy, and Mr. V. Solai.

The hotel is Specialized in every kind of South Indian continental food and North Indian tandoori dishes.

Some of the special dishes in Chettinad delicacies are Fish varuval, Chicken Varuval, Pepper Chicken, Chicken Roast, Chicken Kozambu, and Mutton fry - both pepper and Masala.

Then about our specialties in the other categories we have Chilly Chicken, butter chicken, Kerala Chicken, Fish Poriyal, Kaadai (Quail) 65, Pigeon, Rabbit and crabs.

Some of the special dishes in Chinese are Chicken Manchurian, Chilly Chicken, Chicken Drumsticks, Corned Chicken, Ginger Chicken to name few. You can visit the menu page to know the entire list of items available.

All the branches provide specially cooked vegetarian dishes, specially made for our vegetarian clientele. Added along with it we also provide salads and soups and as well as a great collection of desserts and fresh as well as bottled juices.